About Us

To put it very simply, BrewCrafts Microbrewing Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of building brewpubs that have the potential to become a gastronomic wonderland for the discerning consumer of today!

And we do this by forming a deep strategic partnership with individuals/companies who have a proven track record in setting-up and managing top-notch food service businesses.

A partnership that focuses on leveraging our core competencies in efficiently setting up & operating the beer brewing side of the business and delivering great beers and marrying it seamlessly with our partnerís competencies in setting up & operating a world-class foodservice experience that is attached to the brewery.

And together we co-create an experience that has the potential to drive footfalls like no other food service concept can and with longevity second to none!

Having set up our first brewpub in the booming city of Pune (in collaboration with the Corinthians Boutique Hotel & Spa), we are looking at partnering with passionate individuals/companies to build fully integrated beer drinking experiences across the top 10 cities in India.