The 'Theatre Of Beer'

We like to think of a Brewpub as a ‘theatre of beer’. A theatre in which the product (beer) is the lead and the various elements of the environment (the visible brewing equipment, space design, environment graphics etc.) are the props. Together they weave a fascinating narrative of ‘The Story of Beer’ that will arouse, engage, titillate and ultimately delight the true beer lover like nothing else can!

As a concept, a brewpub consists of a small brewery that makes a wide range of delightful handcrafted beers in small batches (there are more than 2000 styles of beers that can be brewed!). To this brewery is attached a pub/restaurant that serves these beers accompanied by lip-smacking food!

Think of it as having an ‘in-house’ brewery for a hotel/restaurant/pub that makes a wide range of beers exclusively for that hotel/restaurant/pub!

The basic building blocks of the concept are explained in this section.