We are looking for strategic partners who have a proven track record in setting up, running and managing top-notch foodservice businesses. Someone who can complement our turnkey expertise in setting up and operating the brewing (beer making) side of the business and create brewpubs that deliver a beer drinking experience which is unlike anything the Indian consumer has seen or experienced!

But before we move onto what kind of ‘Engagement Models’ we offer to our strategic partners, it’s important to establish what we are not.

We are not brewery equipment manufacturers who will just be ‘supplying’ you the equipment, and leaving you with the rather complicated task of actually making great beers using that equipment. Neither are we ‘consultants’ who will offer advice & make flashy business plans for a fee and leave the actual implementation of that advice/business plans to you.

What we offer to our partners is a deep, long-term engagement that goes well beyond the ‘Equipment for a fee’/’Advice for a fee’/’Training for a fee’ models. We take on the turnkey responsibility of setting up and operating the complete beer making side of the business, from the drawing board to the beer being available on tap at the bar and beyond. With the added option of us putting our money where our mouth is and investing in the beer making side of the business as well.

In effect we will put both investment and our reputation on the table and work towards achieving best-in-class Returns on Investment for our partners, both on financial & marketing parameters.

We offer two different engagement models to our partners - ‘Invest-Build-Operate’ & ‘Build-Operate’. Both of which leverages our turnkey expertise on the brewing side of the business - with our partner effectively ‘in-sourcing’ that part of the business to us; and in one of which we invest in the brewing side of the business.

But the basic premise of both the engagement models is the same, i.e.:

1. We set up and operate the brewing (beer making) side of the business

2. You set up and operate the ‘Foodservice’ side of the business attached to the brewery

3. Together we change the way this country thinks, speaks & drinks beer!