Our Strengths

Turnkey Implementation:

We take care of the complete planning and implementation of the beer making side of the business - from the drawing board to the beer being available on tap at the bar!

This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Brewery Planning :

Excise & local body licensing, Equipment sizing & layouts, Engineering designs & drawings of Plant & Machinery etc.

2. Brewery Implementation :

Equipment supplier qualification, Supervising manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning etc.

3. Brewery Operations & Management :

Everything that is required to transform a humble grain to a great beer! This includes - Raw material sourcing & handling, Beer recipe formulation, Deploying a fully trained team of Brewmasters, Assistant brewers & support staff to each location to handle the day-to-day operations and beer production, etc.

Our partners will take confidence from the fact that this all-important side of the business is in the capable hands of Oliver Schauf - the co-founder of BrewCrafts & a graduate of arguably the best brewing school in the world. He brings to bear his 16 years of experience in setting up and running breweries across the world on this critical task.

Consumer Marketing :

The founding team of BrewCrafts brings to the table impeccable academic & professional credentials in the area of consumer marketing.

Two of the three co- founders come from an IIM background. They have worked on billion dollar FMCG brands before setting up this venture and thus bring with them strong insights in the area of consumer marketing - a factor of critical importance in any consumer facing business.

Besides an understanding of ‘What it takes to build a strong consumer proposition’, the presence of people like Mahesh Murthy (Founder - Pinstorm) on the board of directors also brings a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of the new-age digital & social media (internet, mobile, social networks etc.).

The positive impact of these two factors on our partner locations by means of positive ‘word of mouth’ and consequently increased footfalls cannot be overstated!

Experience Creation :

We believe that today’s discerning consumers don’t buy products - they buy experiences. More specifically we believe that a good beer sitting in a bottle has a far lesser consumer impact than a pint of good beer that is consumed in a rich immersive environment that celebrates every aspect of this timeless beverage!

To this end, we have a strategic partnership with a design studio that has over 8 years of experience in designing & executing experiential retail environments. The studio will work very closely with our partners to create a rich & immersive beer drinking experience (interiors, furniture, wall finishes, environment graphics, special beer menus, custom designed coasters etc.) in the most cost-efficient manner that will have the consumers coming back for more!