The Management

Oliver Schauf, Co-Founder & Chief Alchemist:

Oliver is the magician who transforms water into liquid gold. A German national with over 10 years professional brewing & distillation experience spanning Europe and Russia, Oliver is the brains behind the company’s products.

He graduated in brewing technology from the Technical University of Berlin (VLB), Germany, and since then has worked in various capacities in the craft brewing industry. At BrewCrafts, Oliver has practically built our first brewery from the ground up, including doing the designs & drawings for our brewery.

When not brewing, he likes to visit places that are, well, a little odd. He is the only person we know of who has taken a road trip from Berlin to Russia to visit an abandoned nuclear submarine base of the erstwhile USSR!

Suketu Talekar, Co-Founder & Story Teller:

Suketu is a graduate of the IIM Bangalore (Class of 2004) where he majored in Marketing & Strategy.

He then worked with Procter & Gamble in Singapore as an Assistant Brand Manager on a $1Billon detergent brand (Ariel). In his time there he led an integrated marketing initiative that saw complete revitalization of the brand and restored it to market leadership for the first time in 15 years.

When not evangelizing about beer or some rather esoteric brand building approaches, Suketu likes to read even more esoteric books or watch vague foreign films without sub-titles. He claims to have played both Judo & Lawn tennis at the National level, but going by his current levels of physical fitness we think that the claim is one of his ‘taller’ stories.

Prateek Chaturvedi, Co-Founder & Chief Whip:

Prateek is an MBA from the IIM Calcutta (Class of 2004) where he majored in Finance & Strategy.

After his MBA he joined Procter & Gamble in Singapore as an Assistant Brand Manager on Herbal Essences for Malaysia & Indonesia.

Prateek’s role in the team can be summarized in three crisp words - ‘Getting things done’. He is the resident master of ‘Operating Discipline’ & looks after mundane things like operations & finance.

Prateek comes from an army background (Prateek’s father is a ‘Veer Chakra’ from the ’71 war) & when not trying to make Suketu work or create conditions for Oliver to do his work, Prateek soothes his nerves by playing squash or reading arcane spiritual books. A cursory glance at his book shelf reveals following titles - ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’, ‘Aghora’, ‘Mysteries of Kundalini’ & ‘Encountering Kali’.

Sudhakar Handa, Consulting Executive - Business Development:

After graduating in Hotel Management from Bombay, with management and marketing at ITDC / Cornell, Sudhakar has worked for 30 years in the hotel industry with varied experiences in every part of operations and projects of hotels, resorts and clubs.

After having worked directly under industry stalwarts like Ajit N Haksar, Chairman Emeritus, ITC WelcomGroup of Hotels, he has independently advised potential and experienced hoteliers with hotel, resort and club projects all over the country, specializing in project development, budgeting and feasibility. He has published and presented over 23 papers in leading hospitality trade journals and has been quoted in the media and interviewed in various hotel trade journals.

He has travelled abroad on a professional platform to the Pacific and the Gulf.

When he is not dabbling in hospitality projects, he is sketching and painting for his art collecting friends and clients.