The Space

For a consumer the experience of sitting inside a microbrewery and drinking his/her favorite beer is as close as it can get to experiencing wonderland!

And this sense of wonder is in no small part created by the visual impact of the environment of the brewpub!

At the centre of this experience are the beautiful brewing vessels. The brewery is completely visible from the restaurant/pub area and the visual impact of this is further accentuated by a rich immersive environment design that has various beer related artefacts, graphics etc.

Thus, when guests walk out of a microbrewery they carry back with them a piece of this experience and a feeling that they have gotten to know their favourite beverage a little better!

For entrepreneurs aspiring to enter this industry, it is important to understand that the complexity of setting up and running a successful microbrewery operation is without a parallel in the F&B industry. It combines the complexity of running a largish restaurant/pub with the complexity of running a full-fledged factory manufacturing beer!