• Invest in & set up the 'Foodservice' (restaurant/pub/lounge) side of business

    1. Interiors, furniture & fittings, kitchen, bar etc..
    Our partners have the option to plan space & interiors based on the design manual provided by BrewCrafts

    2. Licenses & Permissions necessary to set-up the business: Including beer manufacturing & retailing license (FL3 etc.), Music, police and other necessary local body permissions

    3. Recruitment, training & development of the foodservice staff

  • Foodservice Brand

    The Brewpub will be operated under the strategic partner’s brand and the exclusive rights for this brand and the related intellectual property will rest exclusively with our strategic partner
  • Operate & Manage the 'Foodservice' side of the business

    1. Day to day management of the brewpub including service, billing etc.

    2. Kitchen operations

    3. Quality control & hygiene

    The operating costs of the foodservice part are borne by the partner. These include: Salaries of kitchen & service staff, cost of utilities (electricity, gas etc) for the foodservice side, cost of maintaining necessary licenses etc.
  • Invest in & set up the brewing (beer making) side of the business

    1. Brewery planning, layout & engineering designs & drawings etc.

    2. Procuring & maintaining the all the relevant Excise & non-excise licenses (e.g. Pollution Control, Directorate of Industries, Local body permissions etc.) necessary to set up and operate the beer making side of the business

    3. Equipment Sourcing

    4. Turnkey brewery implementation

    In effect the partner just assigns us space for the brewery and everything else after that, including making investments, is done by us.

  • Operate and Manage the 'Beer Brewing' Side

    Operate and manage the 'beer brewing' side of the business 'from the grain to the tap.'

    1. Raw material sourcing & handling

    2. Day to day brewery operations & management including actual beer production, excise accounting, quality control & hygiene etc.

    - This will be handled by a highly trained team of Doolally Brewmasters, Assistant Brewers & Support Staff deputed by BrewCrafts to the partner location on a permanent basis

    3. Developing new beer recipes and training the brewing staff to implement them to keep the beer menus ‘always fresh’

    The operating costs of the brewing operations are completely borne by BrewCrafts. This includes- Salaries of Brewery staff, Raw material cost for making the beers, utilities cost for making the beer etc.

  • Brand Licensing: ‘Doolally Premium Microbrews'

    BrewCrafts will license their brand ‘Doolally Premium Microbrews’ to the partner location. The beers manufactured in the brewery set-up & operated by BrewCrafts will be sold exclusively under this brand name.

    All the rights relating to the brand name ‘Doolally Premium Microbrews’ and the intellectual property associated with this brand will rest exclusively with BrewCrafts.
  • On-going Marketing Support

    BrewCrafts will provide on-going marketing support to our partner location via:
    1. Integrating the partner location in the ‘Doolally Brand PR &Marketing’ plan cost of which is entirely borne by BrewCrafts

    2. The partner location will thus get instant visibility across all major media outlets (both traditional & digital) used by BrewCrafts for this

    3. Jointly planning & executing a city level marketing plan for each partner location. This will include events like live concerts, DJ nights, Beer festivals etc. aimed towards driving footfalls