Investment figures for the Restaurant/Pub side of the business assume a 250 seat facility with the necessary space and infrastructure to support the same.

1. Might vary as per state/city.

2. In the "Invest-Build-Operate" engagement model. For more information on the engagement models BrewCrafts offers to its partners kindly look at Partnership

3. Depending on the equipment size, configuration & the country of origin

A. Revenue projections assume a 250 cover restaurant/pub facility running at approximately 65% capacity averaged out over the month @ an average spend of Rs.900/cover. These include the revenues from spend on beer, food & other beverages (alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic)

B. Return on investment calculations assume the partner investing just on the foodservice side of the business while BrewCrafts invests on the brewing side; & a revenue share model where all the revenues from sale of food & beverages other than beer (both alcoholic & non-alcoholic) accrue directly to the partner while revenues from beer sales are shared between BrewCrafts and the partner according to a pre-agreed formulae. The details of this revenue sharing agreement will be shared with the partner once the engagement is past the technical evaluation stage & can be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

C. Payback Period: Payback period is calculated using the same assumptions on investment and revenue sharing as elucidated above and assuming the ‘cost of money’ at AA%