Competitive Advantages

1. Timeless Appeal:

A brewpub, as a concept, is based on a product that is ageless - Beer! And thus will have a consumer appeal that too is lasting! Great Beers + Immersive Experience is a formula that will keep bringing the customers in for years to come! Examples can be the brewpubs one visits in Europe – most of which have been around for many decades and some of them for centuries!

2. The Long Tail Effect:

One of the key strengths of this concept is the large and ever-changing beer menu! From the citrusy Belgian wheat beers to the dark brooding Irish stouts – the sheer variety of beers that can be brewed in-house in a brewpub is nothing short of staggering! This ensures that there is always ‘something new’ on the beer menus, thus keeping them fresh. This also means that there is always a beer to suit every patron’s tastes!

3. Marketing Anchor:

This is a concept that guarantees to set your property apart from all the other offerings in your general geography. The logic is very simple - it’s relatively easy to set-up a coffee shop or a spa or even a specialty restaurant but it is very, very difficult to make great beers & deliver those beers in a great experiential environment! So when you partner with us, you join that very exclusive group of hospitality businesses that can boast of having their own in-house beer factory!

Besides the obvious marketing leverage of being one of the select few, the very nature of this concept also lends itself to a wide range of marketing innovations. Think ‘Guided Brewery Tours’, think ‘Exclusive Signature Beers’ – the marketing possibilities are limited only by ones imagination!

4. Revenue Generation:

This concept is unmatched in terms of its ability to drive numbers/footfalls in the whole of hospitality businesses. Across the world, Brewpubs are the only concepts that can fill up a seating capacity of 300-400 people or more at a go!! Thus, it stands to reason that some of the largest restaurants/pubs, whether stand alone or inside a hotel, are brewpubs!

5. Proven success model:

In Europe, brewpubs have been present and flourishing for centuries. More recently (over the last few decades), countries like United States, Russia, countries in South-East Asia, China, Japan etc. have seen brewpubs being set up and gain immense popularity within short spans of time. This is a concept that has thus been a proven success across the spectrum of consumer-market contexts - whether developing or developed!

Thus looking at the advantages brewpubs offer, many international hotel chains have already made brewpubs a part of their offering across their properties. Examples are the Kempinski group (in China), and the Park Inn group (in Russia).

But besides this qualitative evaluation the question any serious entrepreneur/investor will obviously ask is, “What is the return on investment that I can realistically expect?”
The table here gives a brief snapshot of the financial potential of this concept.